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Why Crocus Trip?

The Italian Botanical Society has elected the crocus etruscus as the species-symbol of Tuscany, beating "classic" plants such as lily, olive tree and cypress. It is a type of saffron found only in Tuscany; like us, it is a small Etruscan flower, but it is able to grow and survive in the most diverse conditions and, in its simplicity, is extremely elegant.

Some proposals

The Basilica of Santa Croce
23/adult 09/07/2022 11:00
Stibbert Museum
25/adulti 10/07/2022 11:00
Valibona in notturna
15/adult 13/07/2022 20:00
Monstrous Florence
15/adult 15/07/2022 21:00
Weekend in Mugello
90-130/adulti 16-17/07/2022 dalle 18:00

Culture and Sociability

Crocus Trip considers sociability to be a true virtue: the main objective of our work is to create a network of people, exchanging ideas and experiences and doing so in places steeped in history and art.

Escape from the city

Drop the formalities, kick off your shoes, pack a lunch and get ready to listen to a thousand-year-old story just waiting to be told. Let's face it, these really are our favourite places.

Florence's Classics

The museums to visit at least once in your life, the places that symbolise Florence in the world, where you can admire the works that have changed the history of art. Great classics that defy the passage of time and overcome modernity.

The adults of tomorrow

We are looking for young explorers, young art historians and budding poets to discover our magnificent Tuscany, to visit Florence's most famous museums from an unusual point of view, to walk along country paths, and to tell history as if it were a story.

Monday - Wednesday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday

The Bargello Museum

and a glass of wine on the road

Tuesday - Wednesday - Saturday

The Uffizi Galleries

Florence State Museum

Wednesday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday

Villa il Ventaglio

Barefoot in the park

Saturday - Sunday

Trekking urbano a Certaldo con degustazione

Sulle orme di Giovanni Boccaccio

Monday - Wednesday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday

Dante and Boccaccio's Florence

Inside medieval Florence

Monday - Wednesday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday

Florence of Crimes and Punishments

Bargello, Stinche, Murate

Monday - Wednesday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday

Impressions of Florence

A city-walk in the footsteps of writers, musicians and artists.

Saturday - Sunday

Remole Fulling Mill

Industrial archaeology on the outskirts of Florence

Saturdays - Sundays / June to October


A park for Francesco I de' Medici

Looking for a private activity?

Social Tour Revolution

Discover Tuscany and make new friends

Sociality is at the heart of our tours and the attention to the environment is an active part of the experience. Whether you're alone, with friends or family, you'll always have something to include in your day that piques your interests.

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