Dante's Florence, a tale by Beatrice

Dante's Florence, a tale by Beatrice

Medieval Florence Tour

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10€/6-12 years old

According to availability and customer requests, we can personalize the itinerary and its duration. Price starts at 140€.

Included in the Tour:
tour guide, headsets

A theatrical guided tour: a different experience to discover medieval Florence!

Leading you through the winding streets of medieval Florence will be Madonna Beatrice, who will tell you, about Dante and how people lived in his time.

From the Baptistery of San Giovanni, where all the children of Florence were baptized, we will move to the oldest hospital, still in use, in Europe, built thanks to the generosity of Beatrice's father.

We will discover the remedies of the time, to cure ailments and plagues. We will see the poet's pretend home and his places of the heart, and Beatrice will tell you about his commitment, his political career, and the daily life of Florentines.


about 3 hours

What we will see:

Baptistery of San Giovanni, Santa Maria Nuova Hospital, Giotto's Bell Tower, Dante's House, Piazza Signoria, Ponte Vecchio, Santo Spirito district.

Meeting point:

Baptistery, at the column of San Zanobi View the map

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