La Galleria dell’Accademia per bambini

The Accademia Gallery for children

Guided tour for kids


about 1h30

What we will see:

plaster casts from the Gipsoteca, Rape of the Sabine Women, Michelangelo's collection

Meeting point:

Piazza delle Belle Arti View the map



17€/0-12 years old

15% off for possessors of AT Transportation Pass

Sconto 50% per soci Chianti Mutua


Included in the Tour:
tour guide, entrance tickets with reservation, headsets

There is a museum in Florence where you can see stone giants.

We will take you on a discovery tour of one of the most famous museums in Florence: we will tell you about David and the thousand troubles he had to face in his five-hundred-year history, about Michelangelo, gruff and brilliant.

But the Academy Gallery also houses works by other artists: we will see how a masterpiece is created from a piece of marble.

A guided tour for children and adults alike!

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